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Boot Camp Class Locations

Please be aware that each location is approximate, when you sign up for each class their are specific instructions related to each location.

Aero Drive

Aero Drive is only included in our All Locations Boot Camps Memberships & Packages. Appointments are held in the business center through the leasing center and up the stairs, boot camps are held in the gym past the leasing center on Aero Drive


East Mission Bay

When entering the parking lot go to the right, look for the white Ram 1500, wherever it is backed into, that is where we are holding the boot camp.

Morley Field

We meet in front of the tennis courts. Look for the white Ram 1500, we move around a little but not too much, it just depends on the size of the class, the weather, and the workout that we are doing.





Ski Beach

This one can be tough to find. The park can fill up with parties and people during the summer so we have to look around at times for a good spot. Stay to the left when you enter the parking lot and look for where the white Ram 1500 is backed into.